The Mass Media


On the great Christmas Eve I standing beside the lake which reflected the beautiful crimson color of the sky enjoying the cool breeze in the silent environment. Suddenly herd a telephone bell ringing that was not of course my phone. Turned around and saw no one to a great distance. Ignoring the telephone ring thinking it might be some misunderstanding I continued enjoying the breeze and the view, brighter and darker at some places though the color of the sky was no matter. As I turned around to walk back to my home  a man appeared out of nowhere  saying ” I am here in search of skin” by which he meant a human and will take someone”. Just thinking in my mind about “The Ghost of Future Past” I started shivering and as I opened was about to shout for help I heard a loud and heavy voice” Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….”. I closed my eyes with fear and after five seconds when opened there was no one upto the far away  sight. The person disappeared as if was a Ghost.





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