Sustainable Building Materials

Green It Yourself Now!

It is an exciting moment when you decide to start building a new home or extension, refurbish or decorate your existing house. Right from the start you dream about how it will look and feel. Then comes the moment to decide on the design concept and materials you would like to use. Statistics show that 40% of raw materials in the world are used in the construction industry. To produce and transport these materials, a lot of energy is used and CO2 released into the atmosphere, as well as local damage to the area of extraction. Therefore, it is important to consider using sustainable materials in your home project to reduce your impact on the environment.

Stacked Logs with green plant recycle symbol, natural wood background Stacked logs from sustainably managed forest

Sustainable materials can be used not only on the structure of the house such as external walls, roof, etc, but also on furniture, finishes, decoration and home utensils…

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